How to Choose a good SEO Company

Chose an SEO company in London

It is not an easy task, if you are trying to reach the number one position with another 40000 people that are trying the same maneuver. On the other hand, though, it is about finding the right SEO agency that you can trust; one that will deliver on its promises. It could be difficult, but here are some suggestions for you to find the right company.

You may find that the company of your choice also does Web Design, this is often the case as these two industries are so tightly intertwined, indeed I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t attempt one without the other – you need basic knowledge in coding to implement a good SEO campaign, and you shouldn’t be building websites if you don’t know how to give them at least a fighting chance in the search engines.

Check the listings for “Web Design

This is one of the most competitive keywords around, so if your SEO company is on the first page for this keyword then they really are very good at what they do and should be able to achieve similar results for you. Google the company name. If the company is a known fraudster, chances are that you will find a lot of information about it on the Web. However, lack of negative publicity does not mean automatically that the company is great, nor do some subjective negative opinions mean that the company is a scammer.

Where do they collect backlinks from?

Backlinks are very, very important for SEO success but if they come from link farms and other similar sites, this can cause a lot of trouble. So, make sure the SEO firm collects links from reputable sites only Cheap is more expensive. This is also true. If you think you can pay peanuts for a professional SEO campaign, then you need to think again. Professional SEO companies offer realistic prices.

Do they offer subscription services?

SEO is a constant process and if you want to rank well and keep on like that, efforts are necessary all the time. Because of this, it is better to select a company that includes post-optimization maintenance, than get a company that pushes your site to the top and then leaves you in the wild on your own.

You may even want to see if they offer SEO Pay Per Click services to help you maintain an ongoing PPC campaign to further optimize your site’s online marketing.

Do they use automated submissions?

If they do, stay away from them. Automated submissions can get you banned from search engines. Ask for examples of sites they have optimized. Happy customers are the best form of promotion, so feel free to ask your potential SEO company about sites they have optimized and references from clients. If you get a rejection because of confidentiality reasons, this must ring a bell about the credibility of the SEO company – former customers are not supposed to be a secret.

Ask them what keywords their site ranks for. Similarly to the page rank factor, if they don’t rank well for the keywords of their choice, they are hardly as professional as they are pretending to be. I recommend working with providers who understand SEO in terms of ROI to your business. Paying $99 to rank #1 in Google w/ a money back guarantee isn’t exactly what I call planning for ROI.

If the company you’re evaluating can’t help you forecast the value of SEO for your business then they probably don’t understand business enough to provide long term successful SEO services. I actually recommend establishing benchmarks and creating ROI based goals for your campaign as another way to measure the effectiveness of SEO.

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