Is your SEO popular enough?

Ranking_SEOThe importance of being popular is one of the focal points of the first ten pages of Google. Out of the many pages running into the hundreds, thousands and even millions, the search engine has to decide which ones would appear as the first ten in the ranking. This depends on which ones are the most relevant and popular on the World Wide Web, especially among pages that are similar to yours.

The Popularity Factor in Ranking

For an SEO firm it is important to have this information. Above all, it is important that your company should know what the power of links is and how that affects the ranking of a page. This is so that you are able to assist your clients with improving their page rankings.

The most important part of links are that you should not overcrowd your page with them. Google does not to appreciate this and has been working on it to fix this aspect. For them it is a matter of sorting out who is really popular so that the right sites can appear as the first ten pages.

Many have started utilizing the link method to popularize pages and Google has been working on ways in which to curb this. This has been going for a while now, and the hope is that as an SEO agency, you have started working on a strategy to find different tactics around the issue.

This means that you might want to think of other ways to increase the page rankings of your clients. Your company should be looking at guiding your audience to engage and share their products in ways that would make them and Google happy. This would certainly make their pages more popular.

Analyzing Your Web Pages for SEO

Links versus Social Signals

Since the advent of social pages, Google and Bing have given some indication of which social signals might be important. The important indication was and is that a crawlable link from Twitter or Facebook can in fact contribute to the ranking of your pages. It is especially as a result of the nofollow links.

The liking of a page or content can result in it being regarded as a vote, thus resulting in this (the social signal) becoming more and more popular. The reason is that the social shares and the number of shares are considered in the algorithms and/or search result displays of Google and Bing search engines.

There is a need for a definite change in SEO tactics, but links are still and continue to be a factor in the ranking of pages. This in turn will continue to send the message of the popularity of your pages. This is true even in light of the changes made by Google in its ranking evaluations and how it affects the pages on your website. The fact remains that, according to Matt Cutts from Google, the social aspect is likely to become a stronger factor in the future. That should be a hint as to what the intended Google strategy would be.

Engagement on Pages

When it comes to the engagement of the visitor to the pages, there are some factors that should be considered by SEO Agency London. These engagements are:

  • Simple bounce backs to Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • How much time is spent on the page
  • How much time is spent on the site
  • How many pages are visited

All of these are factors in making the distinction and deciding the popularity of your pages on the Internet. It is especially so in comparison to all the other millions of other pages on similar topics.

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