SEO for 2013 and the Future

SEO_Campaign2It is necessary each year to revisit your SEO tactics as soon as you receive your yearly report. Evaluate your report and see what it is that need to be revised and revamped completely. The first step you would need to look at is the search engines out there.

It is especially necessary to look at what Google brings into the equation. At present this search engine is the largest as the preferred search engine. There are also directories, maps, review sites, YouTube and App stores that could be added to the list.

Think about what Search Engines would look for

You want to find out what there strategies are about, so that you could plan the best strategy for your own business. It is therefore important to work on a strategy to have an influence on the search engines. This is necessary if you want to have the results you are after.

The year 2012 and 2013 have brought about changes, however. Google, in particular, has brought about changes that gave them more control over most happenings on the Internet. This is especially in terms of search engine algorithms, internal analytics and data.

It is possible for your SEO Company to see through some of the loopholes created by Google or Bing. However, even though you can work around their changes, they are still able to manipulate products and features to prevent the optimizers to overrun them as before.

You can, however, still make the effort to challenge them and point out aspects that are not beneficial to you, and to them as well. These search engines are a great help to the world out there. They assist businesses to get exposed. It is therefore important to understand what their plans are and what they want to achieve with these. This will assist you in achieving your own business goals too.

Think of your Business as an Enterprise

What this means is that you need to plan your website upfront. As your website grows you know what it is that you would be adding to it in the future. This will ensure that even if your pages get into the hundreds, it would be thoroughly organized. The organization includes your page template, your site performance and the internal linking. Most importantly you should have your navigation well set-up too.

The next step is to have your content attended to. The importance is to start with your old content and optimize it. There has to be meaningful changes so that you can move on to creating new content. If you do revisit old content, it would be in the future to readdress any changes made by the search engines.

The importance with new content is to have it address the current search engine requirements. This is especially to do with the written material and the SEO requirements. The articles should be optimized with a good title as well as keywords to benefit your company website.

Brand your Company Online

As a smaller company on the Internet, you are able to climb up in the ranks if you have a great strategy. This is especially if you make sure that you populate your site, as well as your niches, with great optimized articles.

The specialized and informative content you offer to readers are what will drive your website through the lower ranks toward the top. For it to be able to do this, though, you need to:

  • Place targeted keywords within the content, thus optimizing it for any search engine. However, follow the Google rules and you should be safe.
  • The links that you do add should have a worthwhile purpose.
  • Sharing it so the various social media is also important. The content should be worthy of being shared with your friends, but most of all with the world.

The Use of Content for SEO

The main idea is also to continue adding new content to keep it fresh and keep attracting readers to your site. You have to make sure that the content gain search engine authority. This could be from internal links or links from elsewhere (that is, direct offsite links). Your content would not always be successful, but the need is for some of it to reach its goal. The trick is to write new content, but most of all to promote it.

The main focus of optimization lies in the fact that the pages (and articles) have to be optimized for queries. This means that you select keywords to drive traffic to your site. The keyword that you select should match your content.

Added to this, is the re-visitation of linkbait. This is an aspect that might seems like it is a negative way of gaining website traffic. However, it is a way in which you can motivate people, or attract people to share your site in terms of the data or insights you offer.

The Worth of Social Media for SEO

If you want social media to work for your site, you need to build an audience as well. What this involves is the building up of an online community and through the use of influence marketing.

This is what would assist you in the promotion of your content. The important part here is to build relationships in terms of participation and the promotion of others (websites and so forth). You have to make sure that you distinguish between conversion social media and the idea of gaining an audience that would follow and share your content.

The Use of Apps for your Future SEO

An especially important part of you marketing would be to include the fact that people should be able to capture your content on mobile, pads and especially on desktop screens. There is the hope that webmaster tools will continue to collect data in order for them to adapt to the different devices available. This will add to the promotion of your website and your business.

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