SEO Musts and Must Nots

SEO must do and must not with Google panda algorithm around since March 2012 , your website is becoming all about quality, originality, human generated content and now more than ever plan your strategy.

Lets start our SEO list.

  1. SEO is not about rushing your moves. Don’t start your SEO strategy trying to publish all your articles in the first week. Google keeps its eyes on you, and if its sees a recent change in incoming links in bulk, it will treat it as spamming and will penalise your ranking. So what we will do is be patience and establish how many articles we are going to write and publish per week, so Google will see a trend pattern in what we do, and it will not consider it spamming giving credit to your work.
  2.  Don’t over load your articles by stuffing your keywords everywhere. You should keep a four to six percent keyword density.
  3. Search for three to five words that would make sense for your business and come up with as many a sentence combination you can. SEO agency London , SEO company London, SEO service London, professional SEO service. Use these keyword phrases within your articles, but bear in mind not to over stuff your articles. Keep a five percent keyword density. For those who don’t know: a five percent keyword density are 5 words after every 100 words, so you can use the same word 5 times.
  4. Use the right SEO tools for the job. Don’t get distracted by the hundreds of tools on sale, out there, you don’t need many you need only few good ones.

A) excel where you will keep all your keyword lists classified.

B) Google Adwords word tool. This is the place where you ll find all the possibles words combinations for your website.

C) Google webmaster tool. This tool will tell you everything about your website general setting ( sitemap , robot.txt, duplications , position , etc. ) and last but not least google analytics. will give you a great break down of your website in order to understand Your traffic, Remember that there is always space for improvement, and you don’t how good or bad you doing until you have all the stats in front of you. Analyse! analyse! analyse!

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