SEO Real-Time Game Strategy

SEO strategy There is a reason why an SEO Company should look at Search Engine Optimization as a real-time game strategy. It is a way to bring stimulation, entertainment and productivity into the equation. The real-time strategy can be employed in the strategy of your agency in order for you to have an overview of what is happening in all areas of this field.

What you can do is to use the basics of a real-time strategy game in order for you to run your SEO strategy. What this means is that your company should consider looking at spread sheets as part of your strategy. Your spread sheets are there to give you a layout (an overview) of all the elements necessary with which to run the Internet marketing campaign. Hence, this is the dashboard from where you would arrange the battlefield.

The SEO Dashboard

The dashboard, which are the spread sheets, would be the place from where you would run your campaign. Some of the aspects or components that you would run from these documents would be all of your activities related to your campaign. Here, the components will vary from company to company. Some of these are:

  • The content that you add to your websites or blogs. You would need a calendar so that your campaign runs effectively. The content is where you would create the real-time scenarios for your keywords to appear. It would also give you the layout of where your content is distributed to and how it affects your campaign.
  • You need to have the savvy to know what your opponents are doing so that you can work around that to gain the “upper hand.” This is part of how you would play a real-time strategy game, hence, the reference to it as part of your SEO strategy.
  • Google’s clamp down on spam content has let some to move over to guest posting. You need here to look at setting up a calendar as well. You have to know where your posts are being posted to, how and when it is accessed. It not only takes time and effort, but also a clear strategy to see what is going on with the content you are distributing.

Monitoring of Your SEO Strategy

For your SEO Company strategy to work well you would also need to look at what you are doing on-site. These are:

  • That you need to get backlinks set up. To maximize on this aspect, you need to use backlink monitoring.
  • The same applies to the monitoring of social media and brand mention.
  • It is important to monitor what is happening on-site with your SEO.

The main idea around monitoring is to have an overall view of these elements. The more information you are able to look at and compare, the better you are able to strategize. You can make use of this monitoring in order for you to make tactical moves in terms of the tactical advancements competitors are making.

It also gives you the opportunity to see the advancements and employ offensive strategies. Your monitoring would also make you aware of the weaknesses in the strategies of your competitors. This is so that you improve your next moves and where you would find the weak spots to filter through your movements to advance.

Tools for Measuring and Monitoring SEO Strategy

You are able to make use of various tools, such as  backlinks, social media and brand mention in order to measure and monitor the strategy of your SEO agency. These elements are used to monitor:

  • The ranking of your pages. You have to know what your pages are doing and how it is doing.
  • The traffic that moves in and out of your website. The importance is that they come to it, but it is also important to know how long they stay and browse around.
  • The competitors, so that you know what there moves are and you are able to make adjustments around your own strategies.
  • The backlinks are important, as it would give you an indication that your campaign is on track.

There is also the monitoring of brand mentioning, the activity in the social media and the way in which you are working in terms of your on-site optimization.

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