2013 SEO Tips for your Website, Google Recommended Steps

ID-100143893The success of websites and blogs has become increasingly dependent on SEO. It would be highly beneficial if you could increase your knowledge and apply the Google requirements to your websites and blogs.

Getting to know what Google calls for is important as there are many websites and blogs with vast amounts of content on the Internet. It is therefore becoming highly competitive in all the niche markets. The aim is, therefore, for you to have your content stand out from the rest.

Google Recommended SEO Tips

Although Google has introduced many changes over the months (since 2011), many guidelines would remain the same in 2013 and beyond. These changes might not need any change now or in the future, as the guidelines can only be good for the Internet. Following is some guidelines from Google.

1. Good Quality Content

The foundation and success of good SEO are good quality content. The quality of the content includes the fact that it should be without plagiarism, informative as well as read well.

Good quality content will attract searchers to your sites and turn them into readers and sharers. That would, in turn, boost the ranking of your website or blog.

More so, you should not insert the keywords in such a way that the text does not flow. Repeating the same keywords (keyword stuffing) throughout the text multiple times would make it difficult to read. The best way to keep it less stuffed is by keeping to the ratio of between one per cent and three per cent.

Your content should be original and not rewritten articles from other websites. You should also make sure that you do not duplicate your own articles in other places even if it is under your control.

2. Make Use of HTML Tags

Your original content should have a title that draws attention and is easy to find as well. Searchers from social sites and most search engines should engines should be able to find your content. By adding Meta tags and Meta descriptions to the title, will also increase its chances of being found.

The title should:

  • Reflect the content of your article
  • Use Meta tags in your title

Furthermore you should:

  • Use relevant images and optimize it as well
  • Your tags should be reasonable so that you do not overdo it
  • The Meta tags appear in the search engine pages and this should attract attention. This is often the first impression searchers would get of your content.

3. The Role of Social Media

Google has indicated that social media is definitely one of the ways in which you can have your page ranking increase. It is one of the real ways through which to improve page ranking as it shows real interest in your content.

It would therefore be a great benefit to your site if you make use of social media to distribute your content. The various social media sites have different lists of people and hence, sharing exposes your content to a much wider audience.

In turn, you would have hundreds of people viewing and sharing your content. You can improve this by:

  • Creating pages on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and the many other social sites on the Internet.
  • Daily updates would expose your content to hundreds on social media sites.
  • The importance is to engage with those who do interact with your content.
  • Make sure that you do share your links with a reasonable interval between, so that there is no spamming.

4. Use Proper Linking Methods

The new updates from Google ensured that there is a distinction between false link building and the links that occur as real and natural. Linking back to your site should therefore occur naturally in your content.

In using links to your site, you should:

  • Not create spammy links. This means that you should not use more than two links in your content.
  • One of the links should be your anchor text.
  • Use the links in your content and not anywhere else on the page (such as the side bar or the footer).
  • Make use of good quality sites from which to back link and to link to (sites with good authority and relevance).

5. A Well Designed and Developed Website or Blog

It is important that your website is attractive and is accessible from most, if not all, browsers. It is also important that your website and blog are accessible from the many different mobile types that are around. There are and increasing number of people who are using their mobiles to access websites.

The mobile users have different ways of browsing. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your site addresses this need. The same applies to your blog.

Some ways to address the mobile need is to:

  • Use the proper plugin for mobile access in your WordPress blog.
  • Another way to address this is to use a genesis theme that would allow access from most devices.
  • Other services, or applications, such as Ginwiz and Langoor, can help too.

6. Use the Best Optimization Ideas

Your SEO Company can be a great help to you by helping you with getting your site to the top of the rankings. Your ultimate goal is to get there by using the guidelines given by Google.

A few more ideas to further enhance your search engine optimization are to:

  • Find the best keywords to target.
  • Do keyword research that would give you the highly searched keywords
  • WordPress provides you with plugins for on-page optimization for your blog.
  • If you do guest posting, it should be on blogs with authority that is relevant to your site.

The best way to deal with search engine optimization is to make sure that you understand what Google is trying to do, and to follow the guidelines. This will ensure that your site will move up in the ranking, especially in your niche.

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