Setting Up a Great SEO Team

SEO_TechnologyIt is important for you to start your SEO program the moment you register your domain name on the Internet. This is an important aspect if you want to grow your business. The point of this program is to get the most out of search engine optimization. The best way to do this is to appoint a company to do this for you.

In the current Google climate of constant change, a company for search engine optimization is vital, as they have a team working on these applications. There are several aspects that they would target to have your website and pages climb up the ranking ladder. The company would have skilled employees to do this.

The Start of a New Campaign

In renewing your SEO campaign, you have to look carefully at what expertise they offer. In this way you will find the company with the best persons to run each aspect of your search engine optimization. It will be a great way to isolate all the different areas to prevent Google penalties to your website and web pages.

Google may be criticized for the many changes, but it makes a lot of sense in the long run. It would make the lives of everybody easier if you know that you can access any website and find quality and well researched content, especially if the site is your own. If the reading of the content is easy in terms of best link-building practice and no spammed content, it would point to your site as a reputable site. Placing unique content in one place will show off your skills and expertise.

As a whole, SEO has a huge role to play in marketing. What this means is that it should be much broader than simply adding keywords, building links and making your site visible. Because there is so much more to the campaign, this leads to a team to cover the basics as well the implementation of additional strategies that would make you campaign much more valuable.
Who should be in the SEO Team

There are a few people to add to a team so that al the aspects are covered. It will make it easier as these people would have the skills to help with the campaign. The following people should be included:

1. Someone to help you with your Content – the Copywriter

The person in this position should have the ability to write creatively and interestingly. This person would be categorized as your copywriter. The role of the copywriter is to come up with unique, informative and attention grabbing content. There is no need for the person to be an expert in SEO, but they should know the basics of natural back linking and the natural appearance of the researched keywords, as required by Google.

2. The Technical Person

The technical person should know more about the technical aspects of search engine optimization. This is not necessarily a person with intricate knowledge, but simply an ordinary person who is tech savvy and who has the impetus to follow the tool driven web environment. Some of these are tools such as sitemap.xmls, robots.txt files and webmaster tools.

3. Someone who Enjoys SEO Analysis

This is the person necessary to do the analysis of your search engine optimization. It is the one person that you need on your team who would spend valuable time on reading up on and researching optimization. This analysis would give the person the information of what should be done. This has to do with the research of keywords, the links and whatever else needs to be done to improve the rankings.

4. Someone to Engage in External Activities – Public Relations

It is important that you have someone in your team who is able to deal with a wider audience in person. This activity would give your SEO business and your client base much needed exposure. It is the person who would be given the tasks of teaching, making presentations and running workshops.

The person is a valuable asset especially if your company wishes to snatch up the local businesses for your services. This person should definitely be experienced in search engine optimization as there is the need to be on top of any questions and also to be able to give positive feedback.

5. The Social Network Aspect

Google has acknowledged that social networking is a valid and an extremely important part of SEO. If need be, especially if you are a large optimizing company, you would need to employ someone to run this aspect for you. This could be a separate employee or it could be done by any of the other members. However, the more involved your social media activity, you would need someone to do you advertising campaigns as well as keep the spreading of the information hot and on the go.

6. The Rest of the Team

The rest of the group could be appointed as separate people or they could be the same people doing other things for your. It would again depend on how large your company is. You could think of:

The networker who would make sure that people know about you, especially at functions and other social gatherings. This is a person who would do this as a natural outflow of who they are.
The person who would be able to do the web analysis. This would include aspects such as:

i. Putting together a monthly report in graph format

ii. Watch for web trends to be sure to not fall behind

iii. Methods of how to measure SEO so that the others in the team can benefit from it

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a business and should be treated as such. Google “regulates” this industry in that your company should adhere to its regulations. By building a solid team is of utmost importance so that you are able to meet with the standards set. This would mean that you should employ persons to fulfill the roles as set out above. It is important that you do this whether you have physical premises or whether you are building a virtual team.

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