Start from Scratch and Effectively Renew your SEO Campaign

Start-from-Scratch-and-Effectively-Renew-your-SEO-Campaign_by_webaceSearch engine optimization is a vital part of websites. It is the best way to boost your page rankings. Before the Google updates, this was a much easier task. In recent times, it has become a little more involved.

The fact is that there are bound to more changes that would make things even more difficult. It would be best for you to find an SEO Company that would be able to help you plan long-term strategies. This will help you to grow an optimized brand, even if it means starting from scratch. Following are some steps that could help you with your search engine optimization.

Keyword Research is Important

Keyword research is a good place to start your optimization campaign. A number of software packages are available that could help you with this task. The idea is to find the keywords that you should target to improve your page rankings.

Most SEO companies make use of software such as WordTracker. Another way of getting the keywords that you need is to make use of Wordpot. Added to this you should not rule out Google ADWords and the search engine, Bing as well as the YouTube keyword tools.

Once you have found the keywords to target, you could start a pay per click (PPC) campaign. The PPC campaign will pinpoint exactly which keywords lead visitors into becoming clients or customers. The aim is to find the right keywords to convert the visits to your website into customers.

You have to Build Links

The keywords you have researched and have discovered to target, are the ones you will connect to your link building. You would also learn that the keywords should be relevant. More so, your links should also be highly relevant.

Just as you search for relevant keywords, you would do the same for relevant links. For example, the most relevant link would be from websites that would rank high for the particular search results of the relevant keywords or phrases. The relevancy of these links would be from the top one hundred and secondly from the next one thousand top ranking web pages.

Your link building should be directed at the internal pages of your website. These internal pages are the ones that would contain the relevant keywords. The pages are the ones that would most often contain the information, which the keywords target.

Making Use of Social Networking


Facebook has become the most popular of social networks. Google has noted this and has predicted that the social network will become increasingly relevant in the future.
This is also the reason why it is important that you do make use of Facebook and Twitter to let the world know of the existence of your business. These are all aspects with which an SEO Company can assist you.

The social pages should be an additional help to get your web pages move up in its rankings. A Facebook fan page could boost your rankings as the search engine algorithms pick up the social signals.


The discussion around Facebook applies to Twitter as well. A Twitter profile, with many followers and re-tweets, are able to give your website a boost as visitors tweet your information around the Internet. The focus of these methods is on getting traffic back to your site.

Both Twitter and Facebook have advertising packages available. This would add more impact to your SEO campaign.

Access Sites with Authority

To get links from a site with authority is easier said than done. The way to get this right is to hire a Public Relations (PR) company. These companies can charge quite a bit for services, but there are those that are performance based. This means that they would only charge you if there is a result from their performance.
The PR company can ensure that they present your company and its website to a wider audiences by:

  • Featuring specific aspects of your company through launches, for example.
  • Press releases about what is happening in your business are an important way to get your name out on the World Wide Web.
  • Guest posts have become a popular means of getting back links. It is important that the guest posting is relevant to your site. It is not an easy way to get back links as there as blog owners have to adhere to the same rules (niche blogging).
  • The most important part here is that your information has to be relevant and above all interesting and informative.

Relevant, Informative and Quality Content

One of the main aspects that the Google updates have targeted is the low quality content on the Internet. It is especially the blogs that would be of great service to your website. This includes your own blog as well as the blogs where you guest post. It is a very important part of building your optimization campaign.

Even if it does take a longer, the fact is that it does work over time. It will help a great deal though if you have great content that people would love to read. If they are able to have answers to their queries in the process, it makes it even more worthwhile.

The point of writing the content is to make your relevant keywords, phrases and back links available for click through opportunities. By making sure that your blog offers guides and how-to information, will help the click through actions even more so. It is therefore worthwhile to spend time writing up this type of content. Do remember the aspect of relevance.

Conversion Optimization for Your Site

Spending money on hiring an SEO company and asking them to apply the above-mentioned ideas would serve very little purpose if it does not lead to conversion. Your ultimate goal is to have the visitor end up as the customer.

What you (via the search engine optimization) need to do is to keep track of what your visitors are doing even before you start your optimization. If your website in not well designed and is confusing, you would not have any conversions.

It will help a great deal if you find an SEO company that would be able to help you with the website design as well as run your optimization campaign as well. Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers think about your site and your business.

By collecting the information you would be able to present the visitors with a visually appealing website that they can navigate easily.

The Opportunity to start from Scratch

If your website has not been doing well, you always have the opportunity to start from scratch. If there are too many actions to take, call in the professionals such as an SEO company. If it is necessary, add a Public Relations company to the equation.

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