Why Google+ is so Important Today

Google+ logoGoogle+ would certainly have an influence on your search results. This would be the reason why this particular social media would be important to you. There is a reason to believe that this is true as revealed by a study conducted not so long ago (February – March 2013). This revealed that an authoritative Google+ account can promote your website to a top ten ranking by just one single +1.

The site does, however, need to be in the same niche as the Google+ account. If you listen to what Matt Cutts from Google had to say about the impact of social pages on page ranking, you would understand the reason for existence of Google+ .

Google+ as an Important Site Promoter

G+ has therefore become an important aspect of website ranking. As an SEO company, you should therefore seriously consider this route of promoting the websites of your clients. It is a social network that has great benefits for your company and at the same time for your clients.

In order for the study in question to prove this fact, though, was to isolate G+ from other factors. Some of these factors would include whether the content was tweeted or shared to Facebook. These variable needed to be eliminated to see whether G+ was in fact the reason for your website moving up in the ranks.

Parameter Equality for Google+

The study set up four websites in order to create equality in its parameters. The importance was to create similar:

  • Site niches: These had to have similar monthly search volumes and needed to be in relative competition
  • Domains that were registered within fifteen minutes from each other
  • Word Press 2012 sites were created with the same plugins as well

Other elements such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics were installed on all four websites. The most important part of the experiment was that one site had to have no connection to G+ and the other three were connected through Google+ as new accounts – a less than relevant account and a relevant account.

The Results of the Study

The experiment in the study came up with the following results:

1. For your SEO Company there would be immediate results for your applications.

  • The reason is that your content would achieve high page or website rankings if it is shared on Google+ than anywhere else.
  • The clients of your agency would receive higher Google search rankings if you become or are a valued G+ contributor where their content is shared.
  • Thus, both you and your clients will benefit by sharing your content often on Google+ .

2. A further result showed that it is not enough to just be an author, especially if you are an author on several Google+ sites. The importance is that it is about contributing regularly to the sites.

3. The importance is also that you should be aware of the fact that authorship on Google+ is limited to ten sites. Your authorship of a particular site would only appear then.

How Google+ Affects SEO

One of the main effects on your SEO agency London would be that:

  • The analysis tools that you use would need to be adjusted to incorporate Google+1 into their data.
  • Google+ has great benefits for new sites connected through Google+ .
  • It would allow for websites to obtain high ranks, retain those ranks and even improve on these.

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