Working out an SEO Strategy for 2020 and the Future

The strategies of most marketing departments and SEO strategies had to be adjusted to the new way of Google thinking. Hence, the strategy of 2020, and beyond, has taken a different turn. Previously it was sufficient to have a few articles, with a few keywords and links. It has become important to have a few more people on board to run any online marketing strategy.

The current, and necessary trend is to make use of info graphics. For this you need a graphic designer. There is the need for an analyst (for search engine optimization), a social media marketer, a creative link-builder and a copywriter for your campaign to be most effective.

As a result of this, it is no longer that easy for small businesses to run their own campaigns without an SEO Company. They are able to give you an overview of what you needs are for the years ahead.

The Google Element

The reason for the changes at Google in recent months is that they need to be the best search engine in order to gain the best in advertising earnings. Hence, they have made it more difficult for people to have their websites and web pages displayed at the top ten.

Their aim is to have sites that are revisited often, at the top of their ranking list. This means that the content should be worth reading, returned to, shared with others and have back links as well. The battle for the search engine is to give people more results than their competitors. This will result in the usage being maintained (as the best) and giving the search engine, the capacity and the advantage to grow ahead of the competition.

The important fact is that Google wants to show results. More importantly, they want to show results that people want to see. Hence, there is the need to look at what your SEO agency could do for you in 2013 (and beyond) to make your website move up into the upper ranks of Google.

Ideas for Your Strategy

You might want to look at some of the following ideas regarding your strategy:

1. The first step in making sure that your strategy works, and is successful, is to plan thoroughly. You should start with your website. This is the place where you need to keep people form leaving.

  • Even though you have great content, keywords and other features to improve your ranking, a bad and horrible looking site would not make you any sales.
  • A badly constructed website would also not develop any relationships or turn prospects into leads.
  • One of the major aspects of your strategy should be to have a dynamic, and organized website that would assist the search engines to find you.
  • Some of the best ways to create a great website is to make use of on of the many Content Management Systems. These systems allow you to update your own website once your web designer or developer have created it for you. It is also easy enough for you to create your own website if you know how.

2. Once you have your website sorted out, you are able to spend your time, populating it with content. It is especially the keywords that are necessary for a successful SEO campaign.

  • The keywords are important, but the content is what would make people stay and read.
  • It is therefore important that you think in terms of what your customers would look for in a keyword.
  • You need to make sure that your content offers solutions, especially in line with your business.
  • Thus, as an authority in your field, the search engine will give you the rewards you are after. This will make the transition from prospective buyer to buyer that much easier as well.
  • Google favors and ranks content that are linked to a specific author. What this means is that the content needs to have substance, but most of all it need to have a specific author. You have to, therefore, grow your list of author-linked content to allow your website to be ranked higher.
  • It does, however, also depend on how well, and how often, you research keywords. This would assist your SEO, especially if your plan it thematically. It would carry your campaign successfully through the next year.

As already discussed, the content for your website is extremely important.

  • This is where you would add in your keywords, but most of all your tags too.
  • It is especially the title tag that would carry your thematic keywords.
  • You should also make sure that your Meta tags contain your keywords as well.
  • These tags should be aimed specifically at your prospective clients.
  • The fact that your content should be relevant should be reiterated here. It is a matter of making sure that Google find the keywords that you deem relevant.

4. Authorship is the way through which you are also able to get your ranking increased. The reasoning around AuthorRank is that you would not allow your website to be populated with bad content. You would also not share these to the various social media channels if you find that they are not good enough. This is one of the reasons why most business owners would employ writers to do their writing and blogging for them.

5. A social media page (such as on Facebook) should assist people in finding your site and in expanding your network too. This is the page where you are able to meet with potential clients, lead them to your site and allow them to make the choice of becoming a client.

6. The ultimate goal for you is to get the visitors to your website converted into customers.

  • Your aim is to let them choose your services. As they get to know you, they would eventually feel comfortable to trust you.
  • This will happen through constant visits as they wish to read the content you have on offer.
  • A subscription form, on your website, is a great way to obtain permission to have information sent to them. You would be able to inform them about new content as well as new services, and so forth, to keep them coming back.

7. Your SEO agency will inform you that links are still as vital as ever. The difference is that it is a matter of quality links. Building up these links is not as difficult, as it comes naturally with the excellent contact you provide to your visitors.

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